Lighthouse Journey and Mysteries

Arise, Shine: God’s Light Follows Darkness

Do you suffer from SADs, Seasonal Affective Disorder? I do. It’s terrible. During light depravation, such as weeks of fog and cloud cover, I find it very difficult to rise above the black tide of depression that threatens to overwhelm. But then the sun shines, and suddenly all is well with the world again. In times of darkness let’s keep praying and striving to remember who the real light is. God’s light follows darkness.

Resolutions Require Patient Perseverance

How are your resolutions going? Did you even make any resolutions? Hebrews 12:1 tells us to “run with perseverance, the race that is set before us.” It isn’t necessarily what we do, it’s that we feel called to do it and that we persevere toward it, that matters. God will use whatever resolution we are called toward as a tool for good.

Christmas Traditions Old and New

Traditions endure as heart-connections between and amongst the generations. Yet, there is also room for making new ones, especially in times where change is called for. For us, the restrictions imposed by COVID have enriched our lives, making us more aware of our blessings and encouraging us to adapt in ways that have strengthened our relationships.