12 Rules for Productive Gardening: Spiritual and Vegetable

Food Bank Garden

While preparing the soil for planting in our Food Bank garden, it occurred to me, preparing the soil, planting and caring for our spiritual garden is exactly the same as for a physical garden. Rejoice in the productivity produced from preparation.

  1. Prepare soil; dig deep to remove the entire weed root, lift from bottom, repeat.
  2. Supplement soil with proper natural nutrition.
  3. Space plants for mature size so they have room to mature and produce fruit.
  4. Maintain regularly.
  5. Water as needed; sometimes by hand, sometimes by God.
  6. Prioritize: thin plants as needed, give them room to grow rather than allow them all to be stunted by overcrowding.
  7. If a plant fails, determine why, learn from your mistakes and move on.
  8. Remove deadwood, train vines and branches to go where they will best produce.
  9. Reap fruit; do not let it over-ripen or die on the vine as the plant will stop producing.
  10. At the end of each plant’s season, nurture the soil, plant again according to the season, location and weather conditions.
  11. Some tasks require specific tools. Initially you can make do, but if you plan to be a habitual gardener, you will need to acquire and apply the correct equipment for the best productivity.
  12. Nurture, Maintain, Repeat.

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