Your Presence is My Only Worth: Psalm 51

Poor Bishop Hooper hands

Every person is worthy in the eyes of God, because the presence of God is within everyone.  We need only to surrender to the presence and accept the worthiness it bestows. 

The haunting, lingering last line “Your presence is my only worth” of  Psalm 51 sung by Poor Bishop Hooper, the husband and wife team of Jesse Braswell Roberts and Leah Brace,  has embedded itself into my heart.  

All that is of worth is of God; all goodness, kindness, compassion, mercy, life-generating productivity.  Without God’s presence, we are simply base creatures acting out of instinct for survival. 

We are ALL made in the image of God, therefore, we all possess within us this flame of worth.  Some choose not to name or acknowledge the source of their goodness and generosity but it does not negate the presence. 

The divine presence does not leave us when we choose to ignore the promptings; we believe the compulsion toward acts of kindness are self driven, or deny any will but our own.  Yet, though God’s spiritual presence is not acknowledged, it is still present.  

Whenever one is ready, we need only to be still, silent, open our heart to the presence already within.  God will respond with love; a feeling of warmth, the words of a song or article, scripture, or friend.  All that is of worth in us is God in us.  

Be still, listen.  

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