Willing Dependent Frees Spiritual Soldiers to Serve A Higher Purpose

Soldier of God: fighting God’s battle against evil here on earth.

Do you find it difficult to be dependent upon someone else?  I do; but I’m learning that it is a good thing.  After all, aren’t we all dependent upon God for all that we have and are?  

When I spent over 20 years as a military spouse, my children and I were classified as “dependent”.  How I detested the label!  In military terms, it meant everything we had, came from the active duty soldier.  

Yet, in reality, the dependent spouse is the one who packs and moves every couple years, raises the children, runs the household, pays the bills, handles all the discipline and school issues, takes care of all medical needs of the family.  In short, the active duty soldier is dependent upon the home support to free the soldier from the concerns and needs of everyday life so that they can serve a higher purpose.  

In a sense, isn’t this exactly the relationship we have with God?  Everything we have and are comes from God.  We are totally dependent upon God. 

However, we are the feet-on-the-ground home-front that tends to all the minutia of daily life and needs on earth.  We tend the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit those imprisoned in reality or within their failing health or mind, we pray for the dead.  

Our willingness to be the dependent who serves, enables God, and his angels and spiritual soldiers, to be free to fight the battle against evil here on earth and in heaven.  


    1. Susan, you are an incredible writer, a writer full of wisdom that entices us to look at that coin that’s just been sitting on our dresser for the longest time: for us to spare a moment, pick it up, look at it, look at the other side, turn it back over, then back again, think about it… hmmm, and turn it over again. Yep, the proverbial two sides of the same coin concept.

      You made me do that when discussing dependent. Looking on the dresser of my memories (and, before you ask… no, it wasn’t empty, but, thanks for asking), I picked up the ‘dependent’ coin that’s just been sitting in a corner of my memories gathering dust. I turned it over, blew the dust bunnies off (likely just landing on another brain cell), and old and recent dependent memories and stories from my military days came into view.

      They were not the dependent stories folks may think of, but they are memories all those in uniform have. Battle hardened soldiers telling heart rendering stories of those POW’s who best survived the prison camps had spouses, especially if they had kids, they had a reason to keep going. They were dependent. And the stories of those on the front lines who received a “Dear, John” letter who would last be seen climbing from their fox hole in the middle of the night, unarmed, resignedly walking towards the enemy. They were dependent. I remember saying goodbye the first time to my wife and new baby daughter, my heart aching, and upon returning seeing my baby daughter was now walking, and, dang it, I missed seeing those first steps. I was dependent. I remember seeing the look in my oldest son’s eye saying goodbye to his wife and two week old son as he deployed to the Middle East thinking that’s the same look I must have had. He was dependent.

      Sadly at times that dependent trust was horribly broken by some. Many of us could only say, “What an idiot.”

      But wonder if that coin perhaps should better be named “Interdependent”.

      Just had another thought, hopefully doesn’t sound blasphemous, but wonder if that ‘interdependency’ might also be our relationship with God? In geometry isn’t it called the transitive property that if a = b, and b = c, then a = c. This isn’t an exact correlation, but wonder
      – if children are dependent on their parents,
      – but as parents we often find we are dependent on our children, if for no other reason than they have become so much a part of us,
      – and we are all children of God,
      – is there any chance, like a parent, there is not just a dependency, but an interdependency with God?

      You know, that just might help explain why He keeps us around.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


      1. Thank you, John, for your thoughtful comment. It gave me cause to ponder for several days before answering. To become more like Jesus means to be dependent upon and serving the will of God alone. God does not need us, but we do need God. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for the good works that God has prepared in advance.” We have free will to fulfill the works God has prepared. But if we choose not to, God will prepare someone else. God’s plans will be accomplished with or without me as an individual. However, I only exist by the grace of God. Eph 2:4 “God being rich in mercy made us alive in Christ”. Following the analogy of the soldier: the soldier is trained and freely accepts the assignment given. The task will be completed with or without the home support. That support at home makes it easier, but is not necessary. Thus, also, God’s work will be done. We must each choose whether we wish to be trained as a soldier of God or to carry out the mission given to us.


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