Allie Pleiter: Inspiring Creative Productivity

Some of us need to block out a lot of time without noise or interruptions to accomplish an ongoing project.  Others are able to successfully produce results in small portions scattered throughout the day while multitasking other activities.  Allie Pleiter, a prolific romance writer, is also a magnificent speaker who conceived the idea of The Chunky Method following her son’s tragic illness.  Since then, she has expanded her method beyond writers, to anyone who needs a method for habitual creative productivity.  

I first heard Allie speak on Zoom during the 2020 American Christian Fiction Writers Conference.  She was teaching her Chunky Method.  I learned I’m a Big Chunk Method personality like Nemo the Clown Fish, who pursue a purpose without distraction. I need a specified work space and time block.  Others are a Small Chunk Method personality who function like Nemo’s friend Dory, multitaskers who get to the goal throughout the course of the day.  What a great analogy! She also has solutions for those who are a mix of the two styles.

Recently, Allie helped me to realign my time blocks for a more efficient, productive schedule for writing given new priorities and circumstances in my life.  I happened to mention that her method was good not only for writers, but for anyone who needs assistance directing their life toward their goals. God was speaking! 

My words were the affirmation that Allie had herself determined just recently.  She now coaches anyone needing creative productivity assistance.  Called The Momentum Secret, Allie works one on one with individuals and speaks publicly to organizations and associations.

Please listen to Allie tell her story herself.   She is a great inspiration and guide.  

Please share your thoughts.

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