Church is A Mosaic of Different Gifts

 Our differences make the whole beautiful.  An artist selects stone of the best color, shape and size for the purpose of the whole.  It is more than a puzzle where each piece is predetermined.  It is a matter of selection.  The Church is the same as a mosaic.  It is only in the beautiful combination of different talents and spiritual gifts that the whole functions as a work of art that speaks to heart and soul.

When God made each of us we were each given different “gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His own will.” (Hebrews 2:4, NASB)  Some speak, some write, or have the gift of hospitality, or healing, or creating things with their hands, or growing food, or understanding mechanics or technology.  Every one of us has a certain gift and no two are alike.  

The master of mosaic understands that no two blue stones are exactly alike.  It is in the variation that the whole becomes a masterpiece that reflects the light in such a manner that the image seems to come alive.  

We are like those pieces.  Every person is given specific gifts. Each has an intrinsic pattern, color and definition unique to the individual.  Each can be shaped and polished, but the beauty is still that which was created.  It is the careful piecing together of individuals that combines them into the one major work of art.  

Every individual church has the resource of unique gifts within its community to craft a masterpiece of work that glorifies God.  Each church community can become a reflection of the light which is the spirit in such a way that it attracts those who seek beauty.  Together, the individual churches, thus become like lighthouses drawing others toward the light of the Spirit.  A string of lighthouses becomes a road guiding souls toward a destination of God’s Kingdom on earth.  

Let us cherish and rejoice in our differences.  Let us give glory to the God who created us to be uniquely different.  Let us perfect our individual light to reflect God’s light into each other.  Let our combined lights shine in beauty and harmony for the enlightenment of all.  

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