On Whom Are Your Thoughts Centered?

The vastness of oceans draws up out of Self-centered and toward Other and God-Centered.

Are you finding it hard to focus on someone or something other than your immediate self and family during Covid?  During a discussion with my Thursday Ladies’ Prayer Group — on Zoom of course — it occurred to me that isolation, community and prayer all lead to different outlooks. 

I’ve spent most of my adult life in isolation, that’s another story.  I noticed isolation leads to Self-centered thoughts and concerns.  Our vices and vanities are amplified without the foil of others to balance them.  

In community, whether neighbors, extended family and friends, we turn our awareness outward and we become Other-centered.  This otherness allows us to balance our own tendencies and to grow and heal. 

When our mind and soul focuses on someone or something beyond ourself, it frees us to consider vast, eternal connections. We become God-centered.  When we are God-centered, we begin to expand in gratitude for what we have and are, rather than our vices and vanities.  As a result of expanded awareness, we become more open to giving back to God’s people and earth.  Empathy and compassion increase.  

This increased empathy and compassion is what I am seeing universally as a result of the Covid crisis.  How about you?  Are you experiencing increased outward-centered awareness as well?  


  1. Such good words. And yes, I have seen a great deal of this outward centeredness being evidence as people realize how much we need each other in community. Sadly, I’ve also seen the current situation driving a few people into greater self-centeredness. Thankfully, I believe they are the minority and most people really are seeking ways to live and serve beyond themselves. Thanks for the great message.


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