Support Small Businesses where Service Counts

Labella Bridal Boutique, Occoquan, VA brides are fashionably dressed for safety and romance.

It is exciting to see small, privately-owned businesses finding new ways to serve in a safe manner. Historic Occoquan, VA , located on the Occoquan River, is alive and well. Be sure to support these small businesses and the local economy. Small privately-owned businesses know personal service is what counts.

Many small businesses, like Labella Bridal Boutique request that you call for an appointment prior to showing up. Ellyne Brayman, owner and manager, is a pure delight to work with and a lady through and through. She has an expansive selection of bridal and formalwear to choose from in her recently expanded shop. Her seamstress is exceedingly talented in fittings and modifications. I know from personal experience! She has outfitted me and my daughters upon several occasions.

Ballywhack Shack delights both sense of smell and taste with its sidewalk service.

I headed into Occoquan to get a puzzle from Puzzle Palooza Etc because they recently received the long awaited National’s Stadium puzzle. Like many small businesses in town, they have a limit of 3 people in the store at a time. On a Friday, it was not a problem, I was the only one. On the weekend you may need to wait for a few minutes before entering your chosen shop. No problem, Occoquan is a great place to relax and enjoy the view.

When I left the shop, I peeked into the ice cream shop next door on 305 Mill Street. I managed to stick to my healthy intentions until the scents emanating from sidewalk-service, Ballywhack Shack stopped me in my tracks. The special of the day was a grilled panini with pimento cheese, chicken and bourbon bacon jam. Yum! A short wait in the shade and I was on my way with lunch. It tasted every bit as good as it sounds! And yes, they have gluten free options too.

Most of the restaurants and shops in Occoquan have designated curb-side-pick-up parking spots for preordered food or shop items. Just call ahead and pick up.

River Mill Park is a great place to let the kids run, relax, enjoy.

Once you have your food, relax, eat and let the kids run at River Mill Park. There is plenty of wide open space at the end of Mill Street past the Occoquan River bridge. Though most of the outdoor concerts have been postponed or canceled, the park is still available for picnics, walking on a paved circle path and shaded seating.

Get out of the house. Relax and enjoy. Support your local economy. Support small businesses. Rejoice always.

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