Violence binds

Fiction Explores Violence with Compassion

War against oppression, fear and violence occur on many levels.   Lighthouse Journey Travel Agency Mysteries tell a story in each book about these types of war.  The goal is to enlighten those suffering and those who know someone suffering and to provide resources for assistance. It hopes to encourage compassion and conversation. 

War External, whether military combat or violence withing our cities and streets, leaves life-long scars on our spirit, mind, and often, bodies.  Although the war is fought alongside others, every person has a unique experience and an individual response.  PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is finally recognized as a valid reaction to such violence.  

War at Home, domestic violence, disrupts all sense of safe refuge. It exists in every social circle, economic income, race, culture and religion. Sometimes it leaves external wounds which others can see.  Always, it leaves internal wounds and scars that alter one’s perception of, interaction with or isolation from, other people. It is a war often fought in secret and in silence. It alters the pattern of healthy intimate relationships until, those involved fail to recognize what a healthy loving relationship should be. 

War Within is personal and universal.  Many people wrestle daily with internal compulsions, depression, or unwanted impulses.  Any mental illness plagues, threatens, and, at unexpected times, bursts forth into action.  Often, the people exhibiting external symptoms are revolted by their own actions, yet cannot control them.  The violence they commit against themselves or others is often a cry for help.  Many have no words to explain what they feel or why they act as they do.  

No matter the war, the individual feels isolated and unique.  They know that no one else truly understands what they are going through.  They feel powerless and overwhelmed.  Only compassion and acceptance by others can bring them into the open where they can find a safe place to heal. 

Lighthouse Journeys presents, in an approachable fiction setting, exploration of the war fought. Fiction can enlighten, encourage compassion, and provide resources for those seeking help. 


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