Motorcycles and Murder in Michigan

Grand Haven lighthouse and pier is one of the settings Lizbeth visits in Michigan on the motorcycle, poker run.
The Grand Haven, Michigan pier and lighthouse are one of the sites Lizbeth visits on the motorcycle charity poker run.

Murder is the last thing on her mind when Lizbeth Greenwood, owner of Lighthouse Journeys Travel Agency, finishes her family visit in Beaver Shores, Michigan. She’s thinking about her usual stop at the Beaver Grounds Coffee Shop in town for a bit of last minute gossip and her favorite travel coffee.  The long drive back home to Virginia occupies her mind. She does not expect to be the sole witness of a violent murder behind the shop.   

With hundreds of motorcyclists, both local and visiting, gathered for a charity poker run, motives and suspects abound. Asked by police to remain in Michigan, Lizbeth joins the motorcycle fun. Riding on the back of her nephew Charlie’s bike, Lizbeth meets people both familiar and new. Including, one very handsome stranger who joins them on their ride.

The more people Lizbeth meets, the more she discovers secrets and relationships that too closely parallel her own hidden past.  Secrets somebody doesn’t want her to unveil.  But, increasingly violent threats and revived nightmares do not deter her. With her dog, Sherlock, and the help of her family, she sets out to solve the mystery.


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