Living the Book of Acts

Who would have thought that a pandemic and electronic connections would return us to the early church.  Yet, if you are like me, you attend church service in a small family gathering from your home through UTube. Bible Study, prayer services and even chat sessions are in a small gathering through Zoom.  

These small family gatherings return us to the practices of the early Christians.  The Book of Acts makes it clear that church is a community, not a place. (Acts 8:3, Romans 16:5). When endangered, the church scattered.  (Acts 8:1) Through this scattering, Christianity spread throughout the world.  Each small church developed certain traditions, while still worshiping  in the name of Jesus, God the Son.  

Because of Covid 19 and social distancing, my husband and I participate in Sunday services through UTube.  We sit, stand, sing and pray just as we would if attending in person.  But we also sip coffee during the sermon and occasionally pause to contemplate or delve deeper into a point of scripture.  We discuss the points made during the sermon.  Because of our small family, in-house worship, our faith-relationship has deepened.  

After the service, our church gathers through Zoom Coffee Hour. We meet in one large group and in smaller, easier to communicate groups. Because of this we meet people in our community whom we did not know before.

It takes discipline to ignore the distractions in the home and attend worship or communal prayer.  But it is well worth the effort. 

How has quarantine and social distancing helped you develop new habits which enhance your family life or faith? 

Please share your thoughts.

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