Choose Happiness

MaskSometimes bad things just happen.  It does no good to cry, “why me?” What matters, is how you deal with the bad thing.

I’ve been away from this blog for a year.  It’s been a difficult year.  The past couple months have been difficult for the entire world.  Yet we have risen above the trauma of quarantine and separation and the upheaval of our lives and world.

When something bad happens, do you scream and fight?  Do you give up?  Do you focus on yourself and your own sorrow and anger and fear?  Or do you roll up your sleeves and pick up the pieces and form something new and beautiful for those around you?

We each have a choice.  I always tell my children, “if you don’t like the view out the window, look out a different window.”   It is not denial that bad things happen.  It’s a choice to seek good. Look out a different window and find joy that there IS another window to look out of.  

Happiness is not what you have or don’t have.  It isn’t even always the people you are with.  It is a choice.  It is choosing to find the good, to rise above.  It is choosing to lift others around you.  It is gratitude for what is happening and seeing what is good.

So much goodness comes out of trials.  Compassion, adaptability and innovation arise.  We find hope and joy and gratitude.  Choose happiness.  And the world will always be a better place.



  1. Amen! Thanks for posting–good to see you both, even if you look like bank robbers from the Old West!


    1. It’s the incognito walking around the neighborhood look! After a month of strict quarantine with the respiratory infection, I was just SO glad to be out!! The infection lasted longer than the Covid would have — and the same symptoms! We are looking forward to regular outings. But so grateful Gary is still working.


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