Who am I at the Crucifixion: A Good Friday Meditation

Who am I at the crucifixion of Our Lord?

I am

The nail that pierces your flesh,

The thief who ridicules you.

The merchant annoyed at the interruption of business.

The soldier wanting it over quickly lest the people riot.

The bystander jeering.

The one who looks away, lest I feel something or am compelled to get involved.

But I am also

The women of Jerusalem filled with compassion.

Veronica lending her veil to give relief.

The mourner who follows and stands at the foot of the cross.

Joseph of Aramathea who gives your body a place to lay.

The women who wrap you in cloth and herbs.

It is

My feet you washed.

My mouth which feeds upon your body and blood.

I who fell asleep while




I follow YOU,

To the Sandedrin.

To Herod.

To Pilate.

To the cross.

To the grave.

I failed you.

As you knew I would.

But I follow,

Most of the time.

When it is convenient.

When it doesn’t hurt.

Or interfere with my business.

Or belittle my sense of honor.

Yet, still, you wash my feet.

Like you did for Judas.

Knowing what I am about to do

And forgiving me before I act.

You share

Your body and blood with Judas

And with me. 

I am the nail.

That pins you to the cross.

Causes such pain.

Releases your blood,

That washes me clean.

I am no-one.

And everyone.

Because alone

I am only one.

Because you love me

I am One. 

One comment

  1. Holy Thursday is my favorite day of the holy week. Easter is my favorite holiday. I think it is because it makes us more. We spend time thinking about the sacrifices of others instead of our self. We compare what seemed the day before like minor suffering to the intense life-giving suffering of others. The Good Friday Meditation was written today but conceived last night on Holy Thursday, the day of the institution of the priesthood, communion, washing of the feet, agony in the garden and arrest and beginning of the torture mentally and physically. Betrayal by a friend, abandonment by others, ridicule, lies about what one said or who you are — EVERYONE can relate!


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