Holland, MI Lighthouse affectionately known as Big Red.

Lighthouse Journeys: A Travel Agency Mystery Series

Emotional wounds in one’s past or present, kept hidden, erupt in unexpected ways. When pushed to the limit, even good people explode and perform acts of violence outside their normal character.  Sometimes it is to protect themselves.  Sometimes it is to protect those whom they love.  Sometimes it’s an act of vengeance. 

Elizabeth Greenwood is a widowed Army officer’s wife and owner of Lighthouse Journeys Travel Agency located in historic Alexandria, VA. In her business and with her extensive network of family and friends throughout the world, she encounters people from every culture, tradition and background.  Yet, they all have one thing in common – bad things sometimes happen to good people, and sometimes good people make bad choices.  With grit and determination tempered by compassion and love, Elizabeth sifts through the shifting emotions, information and often erratic human behavior to uncover the motives that drive individuals to acts of violence. 

In Book One, Murder and Motorcycles in Michigan, Elizabeth is visiting family in her childhood town of Beaver Shores, MI at the beginning of the first-ever Spring Motorcycle Rally and Poker Run.  When she witnesses a murder, she is detained from returning to Virginia.  As the only witness in a small town of secrets, she resolves to uncover who was driven to violence and why a man was bludgeoned to death

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